Scar Revision

What is a scar revision procedure?

Scars are visible signs of a healed wound, and their development (size, shape, severity) is often unpredictable. Sometimes poor healing leads to highly noticeable, unsightly, or even disfiguring scars. They may be raised or recessed or differ in texture and color from surrounding skin, making them even more prominent.

Scar revision is surgery to minimize or improve the appearance of scars. It can also correct skin disfigurement or restore function caused by injury or poor healing. Results of scar revision surgery will depend on location, size, and severity of your scarring.

There are a variety of scar revision techniques, and your plastic surgeon may recommend one or a combination of procedures to achieve the best results. There are two primary methods for improving the appearance of scars: Injectable treatments and surface treatments.

Injectable treatments include the use of dermal fillers or steroidal compounds. Dermal filler is effective in filling concave scars, but thereapy must be repeated to maintain results, which could last anywhere from a few months to several years. Steroidal-based compounds reduce collagen formation and can alter the appearance, size and texture of raised scar tissue.

Surface treatments are controlled means of either mechanically removing the top layers of skin or changing the nature of tissue. These techniques can correct or soften skin surface irregularities and improve uneven pigmentation. These treatment options include:

  • Dermabrasion: Mechaninal polishing of the skin.
  • Laser or light therapy: Allows new skin to form at the site of the scar. 
  • Chemical peel solutions: Soften irregularities in texture and color by penetrating the skin surface.
  • Skin bleaching: Medical agents are applied to the scar site to lighten the skin.

In some cases of deep scars, an incision is required for surgically removing the old scar.

Is a scar revision right for me?

Scar revision is suitable for any age and is a good option for you if:

  • You are bothered by a scar anywhere on your body
  • You are physically healthy
  • You do not smoke
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic goals for your scar revision surgery
  • The area to be treated is free from active acne or other skin diseases

Dr. Holland works closely with each patient to set realistic expectations and long-term success and happiness based on each individual’s specific circumstances, health history and lifestyle. If you’re not sure or have questions, we encourage you to give us a call, schedule a consultation and receive personal advice and care from Dr. Holland.

How much does scar revision cost?

The cost for scar revision varies from practice to practice and with a handful of variables. During your consultation, you’ll want to make sure you are taking into account the following potential costs:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital or surgical facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests

Ok, I'm in. What should I expect?

Step 1: Schedule a consultation!

At your consultation, be prepared to discuss realistic expectations based on your situation, history and lifestyle. You may be asked to get pre-surgical lab testing, medication evaluation and to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Scar revision may require anesthesia and you will receive specific pre- and post-procedure instructions from your surgeon.

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