What is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation can increase the fullness and overall shape of your breasts, create a more feminine contour to your overall body shape, and improve your self-confidence.

Breast augmentation uses breast implants to create the perfect size and shape of breast for you as an individual. Breast implants are commonly used to improve volume and shape after pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Breast augmentation is a common step following a mastectomy for patients who have battled breast cancer, and Dr. Holland has extensive experience with these breast reconstructions. Dr. Holland is passionate and extremely well-versed in performing breast reconstructions, and works closely with breast cancer patients every step of the way through their journey, understanding the difficulties they face and the unique intricacies that come with breast reconstruction for cancer survivors.

What is it not?

Breast augmentation does not necessarily correct drooping or sagging breasts. If you think this may describe you and you are considering a breast augmentation, a breast lift may be recommended or even necessary in conjunction with your breast augmentation. A breast lift may be done simultaneously with a breast augmentation, or it may require a separate procedure. Dr. Holland will walk you through all these questions during your consultation.

Is a breast augmentation right for me?

If you are discontent with the size or shape of your breasts or you’d like to create a more feminine contour to your overall figure, breast augmentation may be right for you.

Despite common misperception, breast augmentation is perfectly fine for those who intend to become pregnant or breastfeed in the future.

Breast implants may not be for you if your breasts are not yet fully developed.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

The cost for breast augmentation varies from practice to practice and with a handful of variables. During your consultation, you’ll want to make sure you are taking into account the following costs:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Breast implant cost
  • Hospital or surgical facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Medical tests

What breast implants do you use?

With over 25 years of experience, we are very selective about the brands and products we use. We choose to work exclusively with Breast Implants by Mentor Worldwide in order to ensure our clients safety and long-term satisfaction. Mentor is the world’s leading brand in breast implants, and while many plastic surgeons may offer the “brand new” “latest products” in breast implants, those products are often less tested, less regulated, less proven results and therefore often fade away from the market, becoming obsolete. We confidently and proudly offer what we solely and firmly believe in, which leads to greater client satisfaction for many years to come.

Ok, I'm in. What should I expect?

Step 1: Schedule a consultation!

At your consultation, be prepared to discuss realistic expectations based on your unique build, genetics, history and lifestyle. You may be asked to get pre-surgical lab testing, medication evaluation and to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Breast augmentation does require anesthesia and you will receive specific pre- and post-operative instructions from your surgeon.

Breast Augmentation Before & After

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